marissa-sunglasses.jpg … while wearing my sunglasses most of the time, that when men look at me, at my body, they look at my crotch.


I always thought they’d focus their attention somewhere else.

I never used to notice this cause I was always too shy to look men in the eye whenever they were walking towards me … but I guess getting older has made me more ballsy. It also helps that I now wear my sunglasses more than I used to. (Trying to take better care of my eyes etc.)

But why the crotch?

I checked it out once in a while to see if it was looking like as if it needed any attention. To me it always looked like an average crotch.


pondlife.gif … if there is someone out there who thinks exactly like I do?

38197-spam.jpg    Goddammit.  My blog has been hijacked by Paxil, Viagra and penis enlargement ads.

Finally got things back in order but now my blog is all messed up.  Fonts are different, the colour scheme is different … there are some weird characters in my posts that weren’t there before.


So much work, this.  Blogging.

Is anything safe anymore?


Look out everyone.

The spammers are commming.

cherries2.jpg … that I finally wrote something, I suppose.

I’m doing good.

Got a new job that I actually like. An administrative assistant for a small Tree Care company in North/East Toronto. The commute is a bitch but … it’s long enough that I have time to finish reading the morning paper on my way in to work each day.

The office has a cat. I call her ‘Kitty’ and when I’m alone (which is about 90% of the time) in my best Cartman interpretation.  Ha…  She does acknowledge me so that’s good.

I’ve gained a bit of weight which is starting to bug me now. I thought that by the summer I’d lose most of it but no. Still 170, dammit.

I was 140 about a year and a half ago, and would like to get there … like, soon. I’ve been walking longer and am trying to eat less. Same ol’ boring stuff.

I need to get my hair done. It’s bugging me too … been about a year now since I’ve had my high/low lights done. Ugh. Not good.

Postives? Meh, life is continuing. People come people go … but the important things stay the same.

Like William. And Negra. And my crazy family.


How’s everyone else getting on??

headset.gif … Next Monday will start my last week of training at this place – my new employment. After that week we’ll be thrown onto the floor, and out of the safety of ‘training’ and being with each other, us ‘trainees’. Out of the 25 that started this with me, only 15 of us are left. I’m sure that by Monday we’ll see another if not 2 more people gone.  *sigh*

I’m hoping to be one of these lucky ones who found something better. I am sending out resumes almost daily. Almost.

Wish me luck.

I don’t want to hate what I do for a living.

I’ve done something similar to this for 8.5 years at Hell Canada.  Wearing that stupid headset, sucking up to ‘customers’, feeling nervous all the time … but worst of all, enduring that hell that is The Call Centre environment.

~ feeling locked in
~ eating lunch when I’m told that I have to as opposed to when I’m hungry, ’cause we need to ‘meet the needs of the business’
~ being 1 minute late and having that docked from my pay
~ looking around and realizing that I’m a minority.  I realize that I live in Canada, the country of multiculturalism, but I hate that I’m hearing languages that I don’t understand.
~ knowing that advancing here will be hard.  There are another 800 people ahead of me in seniority who want the same positions that I do.
~ being stressed out all the time
~ … and the list goes on.  Ugh.

If you haven’t worked in this environment yet, count yourself lucky.  I read somewhere, a while ago, that 1 in every 7 people have at one point in their lives worked in a Call Centre.

t-mob-logo.gif Yeah … started working 2 weeks ago, will be doing training for 6 more weeks though, and I’m finding that I’m sucking at ‘studying’ for work.

I’ll be doing tech support for a US cel phone company called T-Mobile. Yeeesh! I don’t even own a cel phone. Oh well. I’ll learn, hopefully.

You’re all doing well, right?

Ok, good.

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ist2_524485_classified_section.jpg … Grrr.

What’s worse? Looking for an apartment or lookingfor a job?

I asked that question when I still had a job but was under a lot of stress to find a new place. At that time, I said it’s harder to find an apartment…

Now I know that it’s shittier ~looking for a job.


So that is why I’ve been absent from the blogging world, and other online activities.

Hope everyone’s well.

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